Why atheel contact center

We aspire to change the concept of providing a contact center from being a costly extravaganza to a profit boosting tool.

Why atheel

because not only for projects with sales scope, but also for customer service projects which is done by Applying the best practice methodologies at the industry to deliver better customer experience, in order to build loyalty for existing customers as well as attracting new ones

Analyzing voice of customer & customer’s feedback data from all channels to determine the areas of improvement from the customer’s point of view, and sharing responsibility to work on these areas, then providing recommendations to solve the parts which are controllable from the clients’ end only

Delivering professional insights about partners’ business and how to improve their internal processes by conducting in-house audit (if needed by the client) in addition to the regular audits done internally and sharing the findings and recommended action plan to eliminate the non-compliant and the inefficient areas

Why Atheel

Service Quality Sales / Profile

Some companies choose speed of service or quality and satisfaction of the end-user over cost, others prefer efficiency, sales and profitability above all, and some go for a balanced performance management

High Quality Services

We provide high quality services to our clients that are scalable in a very cost efficient


Trained management with deep contact with service delivery, knowledge, training process, hiring process and support to facilitate highest performance.

Cost Resources

At Atheel however, we go all in, as the main trigger for us is to find the point where all business targets intersect, then drive the project's performance altogether for better.

Technology Equipment

High speed of internet Connectivity, UPS Systems, IP Telephony, Voice Mail Solution, VOIP, Call Recording, IVR system, SIP user, Plantronics headset noise.

Higher Scalability

Our three service centers are located in different parts for active backup with no single point within our infrastructure.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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