Contact Center Operation

Using various contact methods to reach the customers, resolve their issues, and respond to their complaints (Inbound & Outbound calls, Chats, E-mails, Voice mails, SMS, Social media…etc.) while maintaining performance at the highest benchmarks in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency in order to assist our clients and partners to improve their business.

Provide sales, aftersales, complaint handling, inquiries, and order management services, in addition to sharing responsibilities for customers’ concerns and providing recommendations and insights on how to improve the customer experience through analyzing customer’s complaints, feedback, and evaluations from customer satisfaction surveys.

Handling voice and non-voice transactions through professional operations management and quality improvement system, which is done by assuring the presence of enough customer service representatives during all working hours to answer customer’s calls. As for non-voice interactions, they’re handled through via other communication channels like chat, e-mail and social media with continuous monitoring for the quality of all services provided.